EVLN: One of Tesla's Cheapest Cars Just Got Way Cheaper
The new Tesla Model 3 will be Elon Musk's first relatively affordable
electric car, but after a hefty price cut today, the faster and fancier
Model S isn't that pricey ...
EVLN: How to wheedle-negotiate for a new Leaf EV battery pack from Nissan
In designing, testing, and producing the Nissan Leaf, the first modern
electric car sold in volume, Nissan made a design decision that some other
companies ...
EVLN: Nio startup is introducing additional EV models
Nio ES8 is first mainstream model from electric car startup ... Nio only
appeared on the scene last fall but the electric car startup is already
introducing its second model ...

Minister Omelian sez EV imports to be exempted from Ukrainian VAT until 2023
The Ukrainian government plans to abolish VAT and excise duties on the
import of electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations for five
years ...
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