The problem with any sticky substance introduced into a tire is that it
must go through the tiny inlet valve. That means it has to be thin enough
to get through the tiny hole with minimal pressure to force it in. The main
difference between a standard Shrader valve and one with a TPMS sensor
attached, is that there is usually a 90 degree bend in the tube, at least
in my experience.

I tried to use the standard Slime product on a tire with TPMS, not knowing
there was a newer, thinner version. It clogged up and air would neither go
in, nor come out! My tire store was able to simply run a small rod/nail
through the thing after removing the tire and the Schrader valve. I imagine
the goo must be a similar consistency to the newer, thinner Slime stuff
just in order to get in through the bend past the valve. What it turns into
after that is unknown to me, but aside from clogging the valve, I don't see
how any sort of goo could cause the sensor to fail, unless it also clogs
the pressure port on the sensor housing.
My guess, is that a good cleaning would cure even that, but the tire stores
just want to sell new ones...

On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 11:35 AM, Cal Frye via EV <> wrote:

> I did see the other day a container of "Slime" intended for fixing flats
> that boldly claimed it was "safe for tire pressure sensors." YMMV
> My 2015 did come with the flat kit, but I bought it used from the local
> Nissan dealer. If I could put in another half a battery pack, it would be
> perfect for my needs ;-)
>      Cal Frye
> Oberlin, OH 44074
> "War is fought over land that does not care, and issues that are
> forgotten. --Robert F. Kaufmann.
> Cor van de Water via EV <>
>> April 20, 2017 at 7:37 PM
>> Lawrence,
>> That depends....
>> I have heard (but never experienced) that is it expensive to replace the
>> kit.
>> Of all Leafs that I have had/seen, only one still had the kit, I do not
>> know where
>> The kit went on the other ones (all were used cars, private purchase)
>> If you have roadside assistance, you can get a "free" tow home whereas
>> replacing the kit is expensive
>> And I think it also ruins the TPMS in the wheel, so you will need not
>> only to fix the tire, but also get a new TPMS,
>> Now the costs really start to add up for that little convenience, instead
>> of waiting for the tow truck....
>> To further open up my options, I managed to find someone selling a
>> complete wheel.
>> The tire is pretty worn and old, but it is perfect as a spare wheel,
>> sitting in my garage.
>> If I get a flat, I can either arrange to bring the wheel to the car or
>> the car to the wheel
>> Before I have to take the damaged tire to the shop (or patch it myself as
>> I have done a couple times now)
>> Hope this gives some perspective,
>> Cor.
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