EVLN: Ampera-e (Bolt) Range Calculator shows Cold-Weather Range Differences
All vehicles, electric or otherwise, have their driving range negatively
affected by cold weather, especially when the intensive use of an electric
heater is factored ...
EVLN: Tesla Publishes a 2014 Patent for External-Fluid-Cooled Charging
But one of the biggest challenges that many electric automakers face is the
time it takes to charge their vehicle when compared to, say, fueling up a
EVLN: France's Bollore backs away from EV ambitions> (it's complicated)
PARIS -- Vincent Bollore, the French billionaire who helped build Paris's
auto-sharing network, is backing off on ambitions for his electric cars to
compete with ...

SuperEVSE expansion in alignment with added Tesla-3 EV use
In China, a massive push for electric taxis could make charging vehicles in
its biggest cities a living hell, and Uber's big plans to go all electric in
Portland ...
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