Hanerg develops solar vehicles

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Some research removes the wishful thinking and shows more of the facts when
dealing with this company.
Their main web page

 shows a nice and pretty picture. But 

 tells of the Billionaire founder that lost most of what he had, and
basically hanergy is at a standstill, and in worse shape that Faraday Future
(at least ff has funds coming from the profits of LeEco conglomerate).

IMO, good intentions aside, don't hold your breath for hanergy to produce a

But China has a perfect opportunity to exploit their light cheap nEVs, using
their cheap li-ion cells, and PVs. See

 where some N. Koreans were wise enough to bag a $7k nEV that has a tiny PV
on top. That PV is really too small to be be that useful. 

But if a cheap EV were married to 3kW of solar panels on top, that would be
a significant product worthy of public interest.

Lets hope the Chinese put 2 and 2 together, and offer these nEVs to the U.S.

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