EVLN: Tesla-S60 does SCCA Autocross/AutoSlalom battle w/ the forces of
fossil fuel (v)
Watch this Tesla Model S conquer Autocross Video
Driving an electric vehicle (EV) on the autocross track is very different
from driving a gas-burner. The EV's instant acceleration gives it an
advantage coming out ...
EVLN: 'The Drop'> NZ's first 3D printed EV, ( wants 64k EVs by 2021)
'The Drop' to become New Zealand's first 3D printed electric car
The vehicle will be motorway legal and have a battery range of up to 300
kilometres, making it the first 3D printed electric car by and for New
Zealanders ... will be produced in South Auckland later this year, with the
country's government wanting 64,000 electric vehicles ...
EVLN: SUNY Broome engineering students win competition with DIY electric van
BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - Engineering students at SUNY Broome took home the
checkered flag at Watkins Glen using an electric vehicle. The Institute of
Electrical ...

+ EV driver is 5,350 kroner poorer for using a doll as passenger
(funny, but not legal)
A driver of electric car in Norway's capital Oslo had to pay 5350 kroner for
using a doll as fellow passenger, newspaper ... It was the upper part of a
doll dressed up in a bubble jacket, long black wig ... The man was stopped
(& $614 punished) when he was driving his electric car on the (E18 in the
priority lane) ...
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