EVLN: SolarStratos> 23km stratosphere flying 2seat solar Electric-plane (v)
Solar Plane Completes First Flight En Route To The Stratosphere ...
A solar plane completed its maiden test flight and entered the edge of ...
EVLN: Cal Poly freshman's land speed record in solar e-racer
The car is expected to to break the existing land speed record for a ... car
has no batteries, or any other form of energy storage, unlike most typical
electric cars ...
EVLN: Hogle_Zoo-UT visitors can get discounts on EVs
That includes discounts of up to 25 percent off the manufacturer's suggested
retail price (MSRP) for BEV (battery-electric vehicles) and PHEV (plug-in
hybrid ...

DONT TREAD ON sacred Weaver-Family Revolutionary-War 1st-settler graves
@Waterloo-NY Supercharger
Family upset over treatment of cemetery on casino property
Electric-vehicle charging stations have been placed near the Weaver family
cemetery ... Others are not happy that a row of electric vehicle charging
stations was ...
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