EVLN: $13k DIY EV drives 340mi on 2/3rds of its re-purposed 125kWh pack (v)
ITAP Inc. has designed a do-it-yourself electric car to challenge any … look
forward to posting another video in the upcoming months of the “ITAP
Recycled Electric Car” going farther than 425+ Miles ...
EVLN: ElectricGT crashed their Tesla-S-P85> (need2 pull HQ's stripped P100D)
Electric GT’s Tesla Model S race car crashed during testing
Electric GT is getting ready for the … all-Tesla championship later this
year ...
EVLN: Ryder Selling& Servicing Workhorse W-15 4WD Electric Trucks r:80mi
Ryder Signs to Sell and Service Workhorse Electric Trucks
Fledgling electric truck manufacturer Workhorse Group reached a deal to have
fleet management giant Ryder System Inc. sell and service its line of
vehicles ...

Fire @Gruber Power Services burned e-motors& Tesla li-ion cells in
Fire tears through Phoenix business that repairs Lithium batteries for
electric vehicles
Crews are battling a fire at a north Phoenix building that houses lithium
batteries and motors for electric vehicles. Firefighters battle blaze at
lithium battery warehouse in north Phoenix ...
GM sez it will be first to profit from electric cars
US auto giant General Motors is poised to become the first manufacturer to
make a profit from electric vehicles, a GM executive predicted ...
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