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Since I read on the Spark discussion list that someone said the motor would
turn off if you put a smaller doughnut spare on the front wheels (due to the
traction control getting confused) I had to try it (since I didn't want a
nasty surprise on a cold/snowy/rainy night).  I put one in (found from the
great god Google & Amazon) spare kit for my Spark & Leaf.  Today I put the
smaller doughnut spare on the left front and ran up to 55 mph (occasional
traction control warning on dash but no effect) and then tried again on the
left rear (since on the Spark they have a 195/55 wider tire & wider rim than
the 185/55 on the front).  I ran fine in both locations at 55 mph.  I then
tried the spare I bought for the Leaf and also *no* problems.  I don't know
why someone would blurt something out on the internet without testing.  For
those who say they don't need a spare tire - they're not driving their EV's
enough +15K miles annually like me and you'll periodically get a flat and
want to continue to work without shooting the day with a $500 tow truck etc.


BTW, I found out that short wheel base cars like the Spark-EV, Smart-EV &
iMiev all have wider rear tires to compensate for the inherent over-steer of
a <12 foot long car (Leaf is 14' and all tires are same).  Putting wider
tires on the rear causes some under-steer thus compensating for the short
wheelbase.  At first I was going to change the rim/tires to all be the same
for tire rotation - but after reviewing the reasoning/laws of physics of the
designers - I decided not to.  Just have to rotate the tires side to side



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