EVLN: Battery-powered robot e-tractors... science fiction, or the farm tech
Imagine a farm where driverless electric tractors roam the fields, day and
... for farm vehicles, including John Deere, whose SESAM battery-powered
tractor was ...
EVLN: Yr Glanaf (The Cleanest) > Cedar-wood 3wheel EV in
Swansea Wales on Wheels: Wooden car prototype on show
A prototype for a wooden car will go on show at Swansea's National ... The
electric-powered car has a body made of Western Red Cedar and is as strong
and ...
EVLN: Self-healing asphalt that charges your EV at intersections> nixs angst
Self-repairing roads could also charge your electric car
However, Dutch researchers might have a solution that not only helps the
road fix itself, but promises to solve range anxiety for electric car
drivers ...

Delphi-Singapore switching to EVs next year> bringing auton-taxis to U.S.
city next month
Delphi: Self-driving taxis bound for US
Delphi Automotive expects to announce plans for a new self-driving taxi
service in a U.S. city -- most likely Boston or Pittsburgh -- within ...
Olympia-WA_PD only tickets iceholes @City-Hall& sez call it in>
leaving-notes= dangerous
Don't be an 'ICE-hole': Park your car at the charging station only if ...
“As an electric vehicle owner, I have been noticing quite a lot of internal
combustion engine (ICE) vehicles parking in the charging stations lately at
the ...
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