This reminds me of a case in Law, i.e., IBM vs Fed Gov: where IBM would not
sell their machines to a customer; they would only lease them for an ongoing
charge per month so they could maintain complete control of the machines. 
The courts ruled against IBM and required they also sell the machines;
however, they never went far enough and left the control software an ongoing
open question.  In the case of Nissan, they and every car maker control
their cars by not making their control software available in the Public
Domain.  This in effect requires that you must have only Nissan maintain
your car and it precludes you servicing your own car. For that matter, no
aftermarket company can service your battery because they are kept from
doing so by Nissan keeping their code secret, specifically, the CANBUS code.

This question, in general has been answered in only one state, Massachusetts
where the Law requires motor vehicle manufacturers to "allow vehicle owners
and independent repair facilities in Massachusetts to have access to the
same vehicle diagnostic and repair information made available to the
manufacturers’ Massachusetts dealers and authorized repair facilities."         

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