Thanks for your warning,
Batteries that I buy are always from running cars, where the buyer could
inspect the capacity bars before closing the deal.
Once a car was "messed with" (incomplete at delivery) and was promptly
The new battery that I currently have is installed by the dealer as
warranty replacement into a privately owned car,
So I am 100% sure it is a good battery and I have already verified the
capacity as 65+ Ah (better than new).

Even if I buy modules, I always ask for the capacity measurement before
So if I would ever get shipped dead cells then I immediately claim a
refund (breach of contract).
But I have never experienced that.

BTW, batteries from a crash test should have been disposed of,
So I don't know how anyone can buy such batteries except when they
"steal" them
When they are supposed to go to the recycler and then sell the modules
or the complete battery.
Since each battery is supposed to have a Nissan sticker with inventory
number, it should be
Easy to trace where the process was breached, unless the buyer bought a
battery that had its
Information removed and he still bought the battery, even though it was
from a crash test...
Anyway - there are ways to avoid this, such as only dealing with
dismantlers that are reliable
And offer refund/return on defective materials.
Hope this clarifies,

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Watch out for the junkie batteries from a crash test, I have customers
who have brought them to me for disassembly only to find out the battery
had been shorted before the test to avoid a fire, which can easily
happen in a Leaf. The Junkie says tough luck. You cannot work on the
battery in the junkies yard due to insurance restraints. Just thought I
would give you a heads up when buying from a junkie.

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