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Woman mown down as Nissan safety system demonstration goes wrong
A DEMONSTRATION of a collision avoidance feature of a brand new Nissan Rogue
took a shocking turn when the car mows the volunteer down.
May 23, 2017  Luke John Smith

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(mows down presenter.cn)

Nissan safety demonstration goes wrong as woman gets mown down


This is the shocking moment a woman demonstrating the driver assistance
system was knocked down by the SUV. 

According to reports the employee operating the car of the new Rogue, tapped
the on-board screen twice which turned the fail-safe on and off again. 

The vehicle was on display at the Spring Auto Show in Dazhou City, China on
May 20th when the incident took place.

It failed to brake, which it does automatically using the system, smashing
into the hostess. 

Woman knocked over Nissan demonstrationASIAWIRE
Nissan safety demonstration goes wrong as woman gets mown down

Organisers of the event have said that the system failed due to “improper
operation” by the staff. 

The driver was said to be “unfamiliar” with the advanced system. 

Introducing the car, the presenter stands in front of the vehicle,
describing Nissan’s Forward Emergency braking software to the car. 

She is then struck by the car and knocked to the floor, when the system
doesn’t intervene, leaving her with bruises and resulting in her being sent
to hospital for check-ups, revealed Chinese media automhom.com. 

The system is supposed to prevent accidents by automatically braking when it
detects obstacles ahead.
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