-Ask for volunteer drivers to take them from California to North Carolina.
That would be quite an adventure.-

I envision two sets of volunteers, one would have a way to tow to NC (Truck&
flat bed)
and the other would be some really brave souls with plug in hand, a fat
wallet to empty, and way too much time on their hands.

Lets assume two volunteers decide to take Cor's Leaf EVs to N.C. And they
pony up for all expenses ahead of time including some cheap transport back
home, to be reimbursed by the buyer. Also lets assume Cor's Leaf EVs are no
slouch, and have L3 DC CHAdeMO and L2-6kW charging ability (other Leaf EVs
available cheap do not).

While the trek might sound thrilling
 (it perked my ears up, but doubt I would fit in a Leaf for a long journey), 
like the 1971 movie Vanishing Point

To maximize range you likely would keep it to a boring 55mph or less (the
cops won't be chasing you), and you would be spending a whole lot of L2
charging time, over and over and over.

Remove the thoughts the movie brought of drugs, sex, and rock-n-roll, and
add paying full price for an RV space to get a charge overnight 9and you
would still need to find a nearby motel to sleep at).

Nope, looking a plugshare.com and only enabling the CHAdeMO L3, j1772, and
the 14-50 charging points, there will still be large gaps between charges
that you have to overcome.
Looking at plugshare's map, no mater which route you chose there are gaps,
here is one of many:

Going south from Cor's to LA would be straight forward, but the map shows
the distance between Mojave and Barstow is ~78 miles

Somehow achieving that, and continuing on i-40 east, the next hardship is
from Barstow to Needles
 a gap of ~150 miles

I will stop at this point, because not only do I think you see my point, it
would not be an adventure unless you wanted to write a book on why not to
buy an EV.

I do want to point out others have already crossed the U.S. and you just
need to network with them to know the who, what, where, when, how they did
it. Terry Hershner is one of those,
 but remember he has a 300mi range e-motorcycle.

To read about specifically how a ~75mi Leaf EV has done it, see

IMO, I think the buyer should go check Cor's Leaf EVs both online and then
also travel to his place to complete their decision and the transaction.
Then arrange for transport to N.C. (last car transporter cost quote was

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