Lawrence Rhodes via EV wrote:
I'm looking at options for my Terratrike.  Mid vs hub seems to be the thing.
Seems bike systems are only 80% efficient.  Has any one had good success with
efficiency as well as speed.  I'm looking to top out at 30mph with a 20 inch
wheel. Is voltage an issue?  I'd like to keep it to 48vdc but I'm willing to
go higher or lower if it is an advantage(money or performance).  I will
eventually have a shell with solar panels...

Maybe a Lynch motor (Lynch, Lemco, Etek, AGNI, etc.)? They are over 90% efficient, and being a DC motor, can be switched straight to the battery for no controller losses. Rig a series/parallel setup with switches or relays to get 12v/24v/48v for speed control; that's also essentially 100% efficient.
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