Lee Hart wrote:

> My Bike-E has a 7-speed rear hub, and of course a very long chain. My
> thought was to mount the motor under the seat, with a freewheel
> sprocket to the chain.
> That way, it gets the benefit of the gearing. The freewheel means you're
> not spinning the motor when it's not being used while pedaling.

What you describe is similar to how we electrified Rob Cameron's Bike-E:


The main difference is that you propose using a freewheel to allow pedaling 
without spinning the motor (which is quite useful when the batteries run out), 
while our approach put a freewheel and an additional 7-speed cassette between 
the pedals and the motor shaft.

The freewheel allowed the cyclist's feet to remain stationary on the pedals 
while cruising under electric power (rather than being forced to spin at a 
speed determined by the electric motor), and the 7-speed cassette between the 
pedals and motor shaft allows the cyclist to provide assist at any cruising 
speed without having to pedal uncomfortably fast or slow.

A decided benefit of placing the motor mid-ship like this is that it breaks the 
very long stock chain run into two shorter, more manageable runs ;^>



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