Lawrence Rhodes via EV wrote:
A bike E which I think is a brand had recalls.

I bought mine used; so never had any recalls. It has worked flawlessly for me.
My only changes were to add a rearview mirror, and upgrade the skinny racing
tires to something with more traction and a better ride.

I think Lee's idea might be best but it will be unusual.  On standard bikes a
mid drive is an easy addition with coasting ability while the motor runs the

For me, it's still a bike, not a motorcycle. I pedal all the time, and only use the motor occasionally to climb hills (I live at the top of a hill).

My wife has a Giant "LaFree" Ebike. I really like its setup. It has a mid-drive setup, with the motor mounted between the crank and rear wheel, driving the one-and-only chain with a little sprocket and freewheel. The rear wheel has a 5-speed hub.

When the motor is off, the freewheel on its shaft just spins. A tensioner pulley detects when the chain is tight (i.e. you're pedaling). You have an off/low/high switch on the handlebar. The motor adds force (low or high) proportional to how much force you are applying to the pedals, so it turns on/off automatically.

My other E-bike is a conventional 26" bike with a hub motor in the front wheel. It can run like a motorcycle (no pedaling) if you like. It is much more powerful; but much heavier and also kills the battery much faster. It tends to spin the front tire in low-traction conditions, which can cause dangerous spills! I don't like this setup much.

I really like Roger Stockton / Rob Cameron's setup! I just have to find a good gearmotor, and figure out a way to make that adapter to put a freewheel cassette on its shaft. The gearmotor is going to need really good bearing to withstand the force from pedaling.

> but it seems efficiency is not a concern with most of these hub
> motors or mid drives.

That's probably true for casual use. The difference in efficiency from 90% to 95% is probably not noticeable except by the discerning cyclist; but adds significantly to the cost.
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