EVLN: Tesla-3's radical single screen dashboard revealed (v)
Elon Musk's electric car firm Tesla has revealed first-quarter revenue that
more than doubled and said its upcoming Model 3 was on schedule for July -
but ...
EVLN: Going Under the Hood of the Chevy Bolt EV (v)
Colin Langan, a UBS analyst, discusses his cost analysis of the Chevy Bolt
and the outlook for the electric-vehicle market with Bloomberg's Emily Chang
on ...
EVLN: OK& VT utilities offer EV purchase discounts
Nissan offers $10000 discount to OG & E customers
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. customers this month can buy a Nissan Leaf ...
for an electric vehicle (EV), with many making it their second car,” Damian
Herd, ...
Utilities company offers $1200 for purchasing electric cars
 ... the incentive program only includes electric-only vehicles ...

EVSE along New York State Thruway> NYC to Albany to Buffalo
Good news for electric-car owners
The electric-vehicle charging station at the Modena rest stop on the
Thruway. In two years, electric-car owners will be able to drive the
Thruway's entire 496-mile ...
Using your rideshare-EV for secret cloak&dagger
Researchers Use Ridesharing Cars to Sniff Out a Secret Spying Tool
The sensor boxes drew their power from the cigarette lighter electric
sockets in the ... a group of Seattle researchers has found a new method to
track those trackers: by recruiting ridesharing vehicles as surveillance
devices of their own ...
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