EVLN: DIY convert VW Bug by SMUS grade-10 students (v)
Punch Buggy: St. Michaels’ students convert classic Volkswagen Beetle into
electric car
... “It's kind of cool to convert a car into a fully electric vehicle”
explained SMUS student Jackson Rothwell ...
EVLN: Mediocre 250kph powertrain for the next Honda NSX EV to climb
Honda plotting 1000hp pure-electric NSX
 ... considering a pure-electric four-motor hypercar ... Electric Vehicle
Development Division to help it fast-track the creation of pure-electric
cars ...
EVLN: Sacramento Buying Their First All-Electric Garbage Truck
The city of Sacramento will soon have the first all-electric garbage truck
in California, and only the second in North America. It's buying the vehicle
with help from ...

EVent: Rides in Iowa_StateU's P14 - Penumbra PV-EV 2-4p 6/17 Burlington-IA
ISU Solar Car “Penumbra” To Be Showcased In Burlington Saturday ...
The first leg of a statewide tour to showcase Iowa State University's new
solar car project will be making a stop in Burlington Saturday afternoon ...
The world's first practical Solar Utility Vehicle, named “Penumbra,” will be
on display ... You can take a short ride ...
Tempting Tesla-3 buyers w/ lower used Model S prices& switching out to Model
3 later 
Tesla changes warranty, cuts used Model S prices, to lure Model 3 ...
Tesla has given its used electric-car sales a jolt and sweetened the deals
for potential buyers. CEO Elon Musk announced changes to the Tesla Model S
sedan's ...
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