EVLN: Chinook ETS Wind EV> a sleek little pod that turns wind into motion
Chinook ETS Drives Like, And Against, The Wind On Electric Power
It’s part sailboat, part wind turbine, and all student-built …
EVLN: Solar-Ship,Zenair R&D Bush e-Plane> based on STOL CH750 aircraft
Solar Ship To Develop New Electric Bush Plane In Partnership With Zenair ...
The aircraft is recharged by either a battery swap or electric vehicle
rechargers. ... The electric bush plane project is part of Zenair and Solar
Ship's ongoing ...
EVLN: IA-StateU_PrISUm's Penumbra Solar-EV seats4 sunny-r:200mi ts:40mph
Burlington native led solar car design
The world's first practical Solar Utility Vehicle, named “Penumbra - P14”
... solar utility vehicle with four seats ... 'we wanted to approach this
project completely different, changing the paradigm of transportation' ...

Solar powered Tesla Superchargers operating independently from the electric
Elon Musk says that Superchargers will soon be powered by solar ...
That way, they'll be able to operate independently from the electric grid,
which ... Electric vehicles themselves are already doing plenty to help the
environment ...
Wakker's 'Plug Me In' nl-2-au EV road trip arrives in Myanmar w/ a dead 3ph
Plug Me In is a road trip from the Netherlands to Australia by electric car
... Dutchman Wiebe Wakker arrived in Myanmar this week driving an electric
car ... his 3-phase charger got destroyed research ... how the world is
developing on the terms of sustainability ...
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