EVLN: 130 auton Bolt EVs4 Lyft> (video sez GM's future investment=won't
make$) (v)
GM completes production of 130 Bolt self-driving cars
MICHIGAN  General Motors Co said yesterday it has completed production of
130 self-driving Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles at its Orion plant ...
EVLN: (not-a-secret)> Dok-Ing has been talking since 2010
Another Entry in Croatian Electric Vehicles Industry
The world's most successful manufacturer of robotic demining vehicles wants
to continue its expansion in the electric vehicles industry. The
Zagreb-based ...
EVLN: $2-15k Basic cheap nEV transport> even full-size cars&
Today's Time Waster: Find Yourself A Car On Alibaba
If you search on Alibaba for “cars” or “automobiles” you get, aside from the
... Need a tiny electric car that combines tough and cute, in equally
heaping doses? ...

Oklahoma_City-OK Smart EV dealer sez 'It doesn't cost very much to stock the
In Oklahoma, two Smart dealers diverge
The Oklahoma City store has sold just one or two electric Smarts in the past
year vs. 40 or so gasoline-powered ForTwos, Bondy said. But the store's EV
sales ...
(EV ignorant)> condo boards deny permission to install EVSE
Condo owners reporting push-back over electric vehicles
Despite the rising popularity of electric cars, some condo owners say
they're facing push-back when they ask their condo boards for permission to
install ...
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