Telsa Mechanics Rescue Kitten Who Mysteriously Appeared Inside Electric Car
  Kayleigh Roberts


Kitten stuck in my Model X rear bumper!
Tesla Service Center rescues trapped kitten

Elon Musk  @elonmusk
Tesla service rescues a kitten stuck in the bumper 
12:31 PM - 17 Jun 2017 

Sometimes, you wake up to auto-related surprises. Sometimes those surprises
are not-so-great. Maybe your car won't start or you have wayyy less gas than
you thought. But sometimes the surprise is kind of incredible.
Telsa Mechanics Rescue Kitten Who Mysteriously Appeared Inside Electric Car
credit: S U / YouTube

One man went to his garage and found a very adorable surprise (or at least
he heard one).

"Woke up on a Saturday morning, went into my garage, and heard a meeooow —
and I do not have a cat!" he wrote in the description of the video on
YouTube. "After a thorough search, I located the meow coming from within my
Model X's rear bumper."
The man took the car, a Tesla, to the service center, where technicians
rescued the kitten from the bumper (totally unharmed, because you know
that's all you're wondering).
Tesla CEO Elon Musk even tweeted about the miraculous rescue, because how
could he not?

BRB, going to listen to my car and make sure my new best friend isn't hiding
and waiting to be rescued.
Kitten rescued from Tesla Model X bumper 
Jun 19th 2017 - ... in a follow up video, the Model X owner postulates that
Tessie got into the vehicle through an opening in the rear wheel well ...

Tesla service center rescued trapped kitten -  1:20
17 hours ago - Uploaded by shivudu gande
1 day ago - A Tesla Service Center mechanic managed to rescue a trapped
kitty inside the bumper of a ...
Kitten stuck in my Model X's rear bumper!
Discussion in 'Model X' started by SUMD, Saturday [20170617] at 3:54 AM.
Mechanics rescue kitten stuck inside Tesla Model X
June 17, 2017 
Tesla Mechanics Show Up To Rescue Tiny Kitten Stuck In Car Bumper
June 19, 2017  Elon Musk tweeted the kitten rescue video
Tesla Employee Saves Kitten Trapped Inside Bumper
Jun 18, 2017
Mechanics rescue a terrified KITTEN that crawled into a Tesla's bumper and
was stuck for 18 June 2017  14 hours before the owner heard faint meows
    A Model X owner - who was not identified - posted two videos Saturday
showing that their was a small kitten trapped inside the bumper of his car 
    'So this morning I heard a meow in my garage and we don't have a cat,'
said the owner as he walks around the car to see if he can pinpoint the
    He took the car to a Tesla service center where they were able to remove
the kitten by removing the bottom of the bumper
    Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk saw the videos and said: 'Tesla service
rescues a kitten stuck in the bumper'

% Hiding feral cats in ice happens all the time

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