EVLN: Converts Ford F-150 Trucks To 48-kWh EVs
Sure, Ford is working on some sort of electrified F-150 pick-up truck, but
whatever that vehicle is, it's a long ways away. If you want an all-electric
big Ford this ...
EVLN: Auto-dealers messing w/ Texas Tesla consumers> $2.5k rebate only
Texas restores $2,500 electric-car purchase rebate, except for Tesla EVs
 ... the program is operated through franchised auto dealers ... Tesla
buyers are shut out of the rebate altogether ...
EVLN: Nissan Exec Expects Next-Gen EVs will surpass a 310-mile range
Nissan Exec Expects Next-Gen EVs Will Boast 310-Mile Electric Range ... the
next-generation of EVs will surpass a 310-mile range for cars ...

Hiding feral kitten yanked from Tesla EV e-motor compartment> entered via
wheel well (v)
Telsa Mechanics Rescue Kitten Who Mysteriously Appeared Inside Electric Car
Sometimes, you wake up to auto-related surprises. Sometimes those surprises
are not-so-great ... sometimes the surprise is kind of incredible ...
MI convenience-store chain USA 2 GO installs Nissan L3 (NoCharge2Charge)
USA 2 GO Adds EV Chargers
A Michigan convenience-store chain has become the latest fuel retailer to
add electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations. USA 2 GO Quick Stores, Lansing,
MI ...
CA-grid statewide-Flex-Alert (100+F heat caused)> ***Do not plug in between
EVs should be fully charged by 2pm, and do not plug in again until after
9pm, be in conservative driving mode ...
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