EVLN: i-MiEV L3 charged from sewage-CH4 generated electricity in
Poo-car on show at RACQ MotorFest
Australia's first poo-powered car has been unveiled in Brisbane ... into
electricity, to run both this electric car and our sewage treatment plant
EVLN: CargoPod EV Will Deliver Groceries Autonomously In London (v)
Just a self-driving electric vehicle called the CargoPod. Think of it as a
Starship robot with more room. One CargoPod is about to start a pilot
project in the the ...
EVLN: Lightyear unveiled plans for a solar-EV r:500mi
Lightyear unveils solar-powered car with a 500-mile driving range
A little-known Dutch startup called Lightyear just unveiled plans for a
solar-powered electric car with a 500-mile driving range. The Lightyear One
features a ...

3.09kg Georgia Wiggins born 2017/06/21 12:55am in Leaf-gen2 EV
Baby girl delivered in electric car
... The Wiggins family, of Wellington, New Zealand welcomed a healthy baby
girl weighing 6lbs 13ounces at 12:55am on June 21 ...
eMotorWerks smart charging using solar generated electricity
eMotorWerks New Solar Charging Capability Enables Electric Vehicle Drivers
to Charge ... Enabling the use of clean energy in EV charging is at the
heart of all ... With the newest release of the JuiceNet cloud platform from
eMotorWerks, owners of solar arrays can now ...
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