EVLN: (spied) Electric 3-Series in Sept> oddball (goofy-looking) i3
stumbling r:200+mi
Report: BMW to announce electric 3-Series in September
After stumbling with the oddball i3, BMW has changed its approach to
electric cars by developing battery-powered versions of its core models ...
the group had not yet decided where to build the next electric version of
the Mini ...
EVLN: Bolt life in brutal -30°F NY winters charging off a PV array>
3.7kWh/mi r:216mi
Life With The Chevy Bolt — The First 1200 Miles
We are net zero, with no electric bill and plenty of power for those times
when ... to lay out the groundwork before I looked into BEVs (battery
electric vehicles) ...
EVLN: EVs & home PV+battery-storage systems pose hazards for firefighters
Fire fighters learnt how to rescue someone from an electric vehicle at a
training ... Firefighters were shown where to cut to avoid being
electrocuted ... lock-out/tag-out procedures ...

Coal-contrarian pursues printed batteries+solar> 5yr-life-only=
Coal entrepreneur pursues printed batteries on printed solar ... likes of
Brisbane EV charging firm Tritium, smart energy device company Kortek; and
Nth Degree ...
EVlink type2 AC 7-22 kW RFID EVSE> a .ru & .eu driver attraction in
Bellona (enviro org) grants the gift of juice to Murmansk's electric cars
On board ship, they were hauling a rudimentary electric car, and as they
threw down the ... launched a collaboration to boost the number of EV charge
points in Moscow ...
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