EVLN: 18 quibbles that would improve the Bolt EV
Chevy Bolt: Here are 10 things GM could and should do to improve ...
Iv'e now had my Chevy Bolt for about 3 months and I'm still love with the
car ... Dealers, public-L3-DC, .5hr@54kW, tires, shifter, paddle, plastic,
seats, infotainment, marketing ...
EVLN: Mission-E EV in 2019> (unbelievable)
Porsche to produce 'Mission E' all-electric vehicle in 2019, boost ...
... automakers the world over have accelerated toward more ... electric
vehicle offerings, but there has been one noticeably absent player ...
EVLN: e-motorcycle production complex to be built in
The establishment of an electric vehicle production complex in the Hanoi
Southern Supporting Industrial Park (HANSSIP) will give a breath of fresh
air to Vietnam’s electric vehicle industry ...

Tesla-3 EVs on sale & 'handover party' for first 30 pre-order customers on
Friday 7/7/2017
Tesla's more affordable Model 3 to go on sale beginning Friday
Electric car maker Tesla says its keenly awaited Model 3 car for the masses
will go on sale ...
IIHS sez Tesla-S Insurance Claims are More Costly To Fix ...
Analysts compared the loss experience of the Model S, the Nissan Leaf and
seven other electric vehicles with losses for similar conventional vehicles
under ...
Vancouver's plugin owners to see fee$ for city charge station use> (no more
free lunch)
 ... fees at 16 charging stations, ranging from $2 per hour plus a regular
parking rate for a slower charging method, to $16 per hour plus the meter
rate for a fast charge ...
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