I drove up to visit my brother - 50 miles, in leaf range on a mild day.
Did not have much juice left when I got there.  Checked Plugshare and the
usual location was not shown, so I drove to the next favorite.   It was
unresponsive.  "Please touch card to screen" but not detecting it.  Worried.

I called the number for nrg shown on Plugshare.  The tech there could not
activate it.    The power shutoff is on a pad adjacent to the charger, so I
pulled it off and then on.   (Watched the Linux Boot sequence on the screen
:-).  It worked.

Later, I drove past the other location that I usually use, so I checked and
found the same issue.  I looked on Plugshare and realized that it wasn't
missing, but was marked down.  I reset it and went on my way.   I see it is
online on Plugshare now.

I posted a Note about the first one and will do the same for the second.
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