Something else is wrong.  The DC/DC should be smart enough to back off to 13.8 
and very low a half amp or less.  So something else is wrong.  Make 
sure all grounds are attached.  Check for loose wires.  I suspect the pack will 
intermittently charge the 12v battery as needed at anytime. If you are lucky 
maybe only the DC/DC is confused.  So for now you must leave the battery cable 
off or you might cook the 12v battery.  Very strange.  Maybe buying the service 
manual is a good idea.  Lawrence Rhodes

OK, I did something to my Leaf that I need to get fixed, because now the
Leaf is charging the 12V battery whenever the car should be asleep,

as a result it is losing charge from the main pack.

It started two days ago when I removed the new (warranty replacement
battery) from this 2012 Leaf SL with cold weather package.

I do not know why it has a cold weather package, being in California it
never gets below freezing in a car so a cold weather package is quite
odd, but anyhow.

I installed a 2011 battery, apparently without cold weather package
knowledge in the LBC.

Since then, every time the car is supposed to sleep, it starts blinking
the 3rd charging LED and is actually charging the 12V battery to 14.4V

resulting in 1 mile range loss every hour.

Anybody have a clue how to get the car to stop being confused about the
cold weather package?

Does the LBC need to be reprogrammed? I can modify the configuration
(serial) memory of the LBC, if I know what to change.

Or should I have the car's computer reprogrammed to tell it to forget
about the cold weather package? I do not need it!

Don't really want to pull the 12V battery contact off every time I want
to park the car more than a day and the energy loss

is quite a waste as well...

Any Leaf experts out there?


BTW, the model nrs of the new 2017 battery that I removed and the 2011
battery that I installed:

2017 battery: 295B09RB9D

2011 battery: 295B03NA0A

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