EVLN: Mercedes-Benz plant 2produce EV packs> (make less ice
It paves the way for a successive transition from the production of
conventional engines, transmissions and axles to the future powertrain
components for electric vehicles …
EVLN: Texas resurrects/revives/restores $2,500 EV rebate> restarts in Sept
The law reboots a 2013 rebate that expired two years ago. But that program
did not apply to Tesla vehicles because it was run through dealerships ...
There are about 580,000 EVs on the road in the U.S. today ...
EVLN: Musk sez in 10 years 50+% will be new EVs | (no Tesla-3 PV-roof
Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says Regular Cars Will be Like Horses in 20 Years
China’s probably going go be ahead of that because China’s been super-pro EV

Elon Musk speaks out about how BBC's Top Gear tried to ruin Tesla (v)
Back in 2011, we reported that electric automaker Tesla sued the BBC ...
faking a race between its electric roadster sports car and a petrol-fuelled
Lotus Elise ...
Utility SDG&E proposes plan to install electric vehicle charging stations
A plan to install electric vehicle charging stations at 14 city of San Diego
facilities is scheduled to go before the City Council's ...
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