EVLN: Tesla P100D & P90D EVs vs Ninja ZX10R 1000cc> high-hp street monsters
Watch a Liter Bike Get Spanked by Two Tesla EVs
Watching a liter bike get repeatedly railed by these two EVs really drives
home just how astoundingly quick a 2.5-ton, battery-powered car can go ...
If you want a fast electric car that you can also use to haul your kids to
school, ... Watching any motorcycle, let alone a liter bike, get left in the
dust is surprising ...
EVLN: 100 Tesla-3 EVrs' kids get ~$500-off towards in-car driver's training
DrivingTests, an e-learning company that offers driving test preparation in
all 51 states, is offering 100 Model 3 owners up to $500 towards the ... 30%
of young people do want to buy an electric vehicle ...Tesla was the
preferred ...
EVLN: Converting ice to EVs> ABB EVSE charge an e-jeepney in 10
Saving the humble jeepney 
Early this year, the company sent one jeepney to its Barcelona research and
development center to study how to convert them into electric vehicles ...

Motorcycle-ice& e-bicycle collision injures 2 in Onondaga_Nation-NY> severed
Onondaga County sheriff's deputies investigate a motorcycle and electric
bicycle collision that sent two people to the hospital ... thumb was
retrieved and brought to the hospital ...
Porsche installs its 1st two high-speed ultra-fast 800V 350kW Electric car
It's preparing for a future where many EVs charge in minutes, not hours.
Porsche knows that electric vehicles are the future, and it just took a big
step to prepare …
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