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> Does anyone know of a source for the AC and DC switch / breakers on a Fair 
> Radio charger? These
> appear to be some type of aircraft or mil spec switch with I believe an 
> integral breaker.

Yes, I think that is correct. It's a standard type, but I don't recall how it 
mounts. Do they mount with a single 15/32" hole? Or with a hole for the toggle 
lever, and two screwns (one at each end)?

> When I first got this unit I opened it up, cleaned and checked all the diodes 
> and connections and installed a large 120v fan and it has been the neatest 
> charger / power supply I have ever owned.

I agree. Simple as dirt; it's just a big transformer with dozens of taps, and 
switches to set the output voltage in 1v steps, a bridge rectifier, and 
volt/amp meters. Adding a fan is an absolute necessity.

> PS, still got about 50 Rudman Mk I regulator un-populated boards if anyone 
> has the parts
> list / docs laying around to share.

I traced out the circuit, and documented it on my website. I use them for 
battery testing. See <> at the "Battery 
Testers" section.

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