EVLN: ISRO's Space Tech 100Ah li-ion Powers India's Electric Vehicles
ISRO's satellite battery technology now open for use in electric ...
Firing up the Vision 2030 plan revealed earlier this year by the Government
of India, which stated that all vehicles from the year 2030 will be powered
only by ...
EVLN: Navya Arma 15 passenger auton shuttle e-bus> glorified box
on wheels
Driverless EV developed in France completes first test run in Japan
A self-driving electric vehicle developed by a French company completed its
first demonstration test in Japan on Tuesday at a park in Tokyo, amid
efforts to realize ...
EVLN: EGP15k/$840 Egyptian student nEV> can be driven w/ 1 hand
Tesla Take Note: Egyptian Students Invent $800 Electric Car (PHOTO)
It can become a great help for the disabled as you only need one hand to
drive it" ...

Snotty/snarky answers to the public's annoying EV-questions
Now that I've been driving an electric vehicle (a Tesla Model S) around on a
regular basis for a few weeks, I'm getting bored with the most ...
Electric vehicle operator Lithium to hire 2000 drivers in one year
New Delhi: Bangalore-based electric cab services firm Lithium Urban
Technology plans to hire at least 2,000 drivers in one year to expand its
presence ...
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