EVLN: Next-gen Leaf EV's e-Pedal feature for one-pedal driving with regen
Regenerative braking is one of the most interesting and differentiating
features of electric vehicles. While virtually all electric car on the
market has it, the feature ...
EVLN: Ford rebuffed Lucid's desire to be acquired> to fund 2018 Air EV
Ford reportedly approached to buy California EV startup
Lucid Motors intends to produce the Air electric sedan in 2018. ...
California-based electric vehicle startup Lucid Motors suggested an
acquisition by Ford ...
EVLN: Cenntro Utility lsEV is now available r:120mi ts:50mph
Tropos Technologies Launches Cenntro Compact Electric Utility Vehicle in US
Popular in Europe and Asia, the first modular compact electric utility
vehicle (CUV) from Cenntro Automotive Corporation ...

Pokes, digs& jabs @Tesla's hi-tech SpaceX cool factor> GM's unimpressive
nerdy-fun isn't selling Bolt EVs
GM's New Chevy Bolt Ads Take Aim at Tesla ... GM unimpressively compares its
Chevy Bolt EV to a 45yrold piece of moon rover technology ... designed for
the moon, not to be a street-legal car on earth, which makes GM's comparison
lame/sad ... the Bolt benefits from GM's many years of work on EVs> (GM
threw-away their EV1) ...
Shell deploying dual DC (L3) 50kW EVSE at its .uk& .nl gas stations
... ice stations will be downgraded to convenience stores with EVSE ... they
will be using DC fast-charging station ... capped at 50 kW ...
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