I've searched the world (wide web) over, but haven't been able to pin down the 
correct specifics to accomplish my goal. I'm hoping someone here has that 
valuable commodity known as experience and can better advise and/or direct me.
I have 180AH LiFePO4 cells that I want to test over an extended period of time. 
I have an R/C class charger unit, almost perfect for my requirements, but it 
tops out at 100AH on the charge sequence. It also "bottoms out" at the same 
value on the discharge sequence. It's exactly what I need, a device to cycle 
the batteries, measuring the energy in both directions, but for the 100AH limit.
Does anyone have suggestions regarding a more suitable device? Even in the R/C 
world, the limits are so low, but also not something easily found in searches.
Suggestions for search terms would be useful too!
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