Cor van de Water, I'm not so good at keeping track of hacks I've done in the 
past. I'd been aiming at a nearly "turn it on and walk away" sort of solution. 
It seems that the Revolectrix answer is a good one for that objective.

There's only two EVs remaining in our fleet that are suited for on-board 
monitoring that's not part of the computer system. One is a ride-on lawn mower 
and the other is my Gizmo. Both have a CycleAnalyst, a splendid device for 
keeping track of consumption of those critical ampere-hours. I'm pretty sure I 
have a high-current shunt in the Gizmo, as the controller is rated to 400 amps 
and I usually run in the hundred range, maxing out near 200 on occasion. The 
pack is rated 3C and I'll never call for 540 amperes!

David Roden, as noted in a later message, I desired to locate a full-featured 
device, and of course, a price to match! I also have had horrible luck with 
small digital ammeters sourced from China. Most recently, tested with a 
calibrated power supply, the 0 - 50 ma digital meter was approximately 20% off, 
especially at the low end where I needed the best information. For some things, 
analog is the best. This time, not so much though.

Matt Lacey, it's great to hear from another user of something I am likely to 
purchase, especially as you present yourself as a satisfied user. One of the 
earlier devices I had for my early fleet of EVs was somewhat unstable and it 
was said that if one connected a laptop, one could be assured of cooking at the 
very least a USB port, and at worst, the entire mainboard. I did not laptop 
that device, to be sure.

I suppose I'm being "internet impatient" as I've not heard back from the 
Revolectrix people. After all, I emailed them just this morning!

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