% The media outlets are clogging the newswires after automaker's and
Government's announcements of going all Electric and banning ice.

This has once again let the media cry the 'sky is falling', when 2040 is a
long way off, thus there is time to prepare if that future actually happens.

EVangels should let the public vent the fears they have been told to think,
then assure them nothing immediate is going to change, and to not allow the
feelings of panic the media is feeding them. 

Below is a snapshot of only a few of the news-items on the topics %

Govt won't follow UK's ban on petrol, diesel cars from 2040
New Zealand Herald-2 hours ago
"The Government has an ambitious electric vehicle programme with the aim to
double the size of the electric vehicle fleet in New Zealand every year to
reach ...

Only electrified cars will be sold in UK from 2040
What Car?-2 hours ago
This includes hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles that have some electrical
propulsion, but ... by 10% through to 

Questions Face UK Plan to Ban Gasoline, Diesel LVs
Ward's Auto-3 hours ago
The Automobile Assn. says the move to an all-electric-vehicle fleet will
place unprecedented strain on the National Grid in meeting massive demand
for power ...

Power charging the batteries? Switch to electric cars needs energy ...
The Globe and Mail-4 hours ago
... the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars by 2040, a promise that follows
the French government's plan to impose electric-vehicle purity within the
same period.

The challenges and consequences of moving to electric cars
Waikato Times-4 hours ago
A key obstacle to making electric cars popular is the amount of time it
takes to ... An electric vehicle's battery and electric motor has only 200
components, ...

Following Europe, automakers steer toward all-electric future
Nikkei Asian Review-4 hours ago
LONDON -- As more countries in Europe and elsewhere throw their weight
behind electric vehicles and hybrids, automakers have begun to rework their
own ...

BMW Group announces next step in electrification strategy
Gulf Times-5 hours ago
The BMW Group currently produces electrified models at ten plants worldwide;
since 2013, all the significant elements of the electric drivetrain for
these vehicles ...

Get 'Em While They're Hot: UK Sets 23-Year Deadline To Ban Sale ...
Benzinga-5 hours ago
The transition to all-electric vehicles would represent a major shift from
current conditions in the U.K., where less than 1 percent of cars driven
today are fully ...

Govt urged to take stronger stance on electric vehicles
Newstalk ZB-6 hours ago
The Government's being urged to take a stronger stance on electric vehicles.
Britain has decided to ban diesel and petrol-fuelled cars and vans by 2040.
Flip the ...

Promises Won't Kill the Combustion Engine
Bloomberg-6 hours ago
No more than 10 percent of those who consider an electric vehicle actually
buy one, and older electric cars with short ranges are worth a lower
percentage of the ...

Carmakers flag up obstacles to adoption of electric cars
Financial Times-6 hours ago
“While we fully recognise that zero emissions are the future, there are no
guarantees that we will get the take-up of electric vehicles at the rate and
scale ...

Pedal to the metal for electric vehicle uptake
Newshub-7 hours ago
The target is to double the number of registrations each year and there are
now 4027 of them, more than double last year's 2000. Transport Minister
Simon ...

UK To Ban Petrol, Diesel Vehicles As Companies Focus on Electric ...
Leicester Post-7 hours ago
Although there is rapid growth in the electric auto segment, not all auto
makers are now manufacturing electric vehicles. 'Currently demand for
alternatively ...

UK wants to ban sales of internal-combustion vehicles by 2040
Driving-7 hours ago
The U.K. became the latest European country to mark the end of the line for
diesel- and gasoline-fueled cars, as automakers race to build electric
vehicles or ...

UK wants to ban sales of internal-combustion vehicles by 2040
Driving-7 hours ago
The U.K. became the latest European country to mark the end of the line for
diesel- and gasoline-fueled cars, as automakers race to build electric
vehicles or ...

Is there enough electricity? National Grid reacts to fossil-fuel vehicle ...
The Guardian-7 hours ago
Going electric: sales of diesel and petrol vehicles will be banned from
2040. ... National Grid has welcomed the plan to make electric or
zero-emission cars and ...

Electric vehicles set to play a key role in future household systems
ChronicleLive-8 hours ago
Which calls into question why we are switching to electric vehicles in an
effort to decarbonise transport, if they are to be powered with electricity
from fossil fuel ...

Channel 4 News
UK diesel and petrol vehicle ban to lift power demand
Argus Media-8 hours ago
London, 26 July (Argus) — The UK government's plan to end the sale of new
petrol or diesel vehicles by 2040 is likely to accelerate uptake of electric
vehicles ...

Treasury will need to plug gap in tax as drivers switch to electric cars
The Guardian-8 hours ago
Treasury will need to plug gap in tax as drivers switch to electric cars ...
from a petrol or diesel car to an electric vehicle, the government loses
57.95p per litre in ...

Electric cars: everything you need to know
The Guardian-8 hours ago
Most mass market electric cars today have a range of 100-150 miles before
the battery runs ... assistance and incentives to make the change to
electric vehicles.

Economic Times
Death Of The Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle
Seeking Alpha-8 hours ago
On July 22, Reuters reported that "Toyota eyes mass electric vehicles output
in China as early as 2019 ... Toyota Motor Corp. is likely to begin mass
production of ...

Petrol and diesel ban: How will it work?
BBC News-8 hours ago
It doesn't happen a lot, said Tom Callow, of Chargemaster, the UK's largest
provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Cars alert drivers in
plenty of time.

Britain to ban new petrol and diesel cars from 2040
InterAksyon-8 hours ago
While many automakers may find it hard to countenance the end of the
combustion engine, some have embraced a future where electric vehicles, or
perhaps ...

UK To Ban Sale Of Diesel And Petrol Vehicles
IFLScience-9 hours ago
It now joins a growing group of nations that plan to make electric cars the
vehicle of the future, including The Netherlands, Norway (2025), Germany,
and India ...

David Robinson: Why Tesla's Model 3 matters to Buffalo
Buffalo News-9 hours ago
That's when Tesla has said it will hand over the keys to the first 30 buyers
of its long-awaited Model 3 electric vehicle at an event in Los Angeles.
It's only 30 cars, ...

Factbox: The challenges and consequences of moving to electric cars
Yahoo Singapore News-9 hours ago
An electric vehicle's battery and electric motor has only 200 components,
according to analysts at ING. The average combustion engine takes about 3.5
hours to ...

Carmakers say fossil-fuel vehicle ban will dent industry and stall sales
The Guardian-9 hours ago
BMW, which on Tuesday announced it would make its fully electric mini in
Oxford, said it was on track to sell 100,000 fully and partially electric
vehicles around ...

A charging point every 20 miles - but only on the main roads: How ...
Daily Mail-9 hours ago
'In driving motorists towards electric vehicles questions will now focus on
if the National Grid could cope with a mass switch-on after the evening rush

UK to Ban Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles by 2040
The Drive-10 hours ago
In addition to reform of current infrastructure, $130 million (converted
from £100 million) is expected to be invested into the country's electric
vehicle charging ...

Ireland 'needs to follow UK's lead and set ban on sale of petrol and ...
Independent.ie-10 hours ago
More than 100 electric vehicles will be available for hire in Dublin and
Cork. Stock 2 More than 100 electric vehicles will be available for hire in
Dublin and Cork.

Britain to start taking gas, diesel vehicles off roads in 2040
UPI.com-10 hours ago
The plan also includes $1.3 billion for government purchase of ultra-low
emissions vehicles, nearly $130 million to improve infrastructure for
electric vehicle ...

This is how many drivers plan to buy fully electric vehicles
Birmingham Mail-11 hours ago
A further 10% of motorists say they will buy a hybrid vehicle, which
combines a combustion engine with an additional power source such as an
electric battery.

Channel 4 News
UK outlawing of 'conventional' cars from 2040 draws wary response
Platts-11 hours ago
Various industries expressed doubts about the plan, encompassing the
capacity of the power sector to cope with mass switching to electric
vehicles, battery ...

Is the UK's energy infrastructure ready for a huge increase in electric ...
Telegraph.co.uk-11 hours ago
Businesses and governments are in agreement: electric vehicles are coming,
and they ... The UK has followed France's pledge to halt the sale of
vehicles with ...

Updated: Government wants all new cars and vans to have zero ...
FleetNews-11 hours ago
Hybrid cars, which combine a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor,
will still ... “It is also important that there is investment in electric
vehicle infrastructure, ...

The Market Will Kill Oil Before the Government Does
Bloomberg-12 hours ago
Rapidly falling battery costs will make zero-emission electric vehicles as
affordable as internal-combustion engine cars over the next 10 years,
according to ...

Public using EV charging stations
Porterville Recorder-12 hours ago
Only a few weeks have gone by since the city opened its new electric vehicle
charging stations to the public and already there have been 47 charging
sessions, ...

Inventing electric cars is easy - now UK needs to reshape itself
Sky News-12 hours ago
The price of buying an electric vehicle will be the same as a petrol one
from next year, according to analysts at UBS, and by 2024, one in three cars
sold in ...

Channel 4 News
Why Diesel and petrol BAN will NEVER happen by 2040: Plan ...
Express.co.uk-12 hours ago
... for the National Grid as motorists plug-in their vehicle to charge after
the work day. ... Car magazine was the fact that electric cars are currently
more expensive ...

Electric revolution gathers pace with UK car policy announcement
The Engineer-13 hours ago
Certainly, the price of electric vehicles is falling and they may be on a
par with conventional vehicles within the next five years. The automotive
sector is the ...

Diesel and petrol car ban: Plan for 2040 unravels as 10 new power ...
Telegraph.co.uk-13 hours ago
Plans to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2040 in a bid to
encourage people to buy electric vehicles are a "tall order" and will place
unprecedented ...

UK Joins France, Says Goodbye to Fossil-Fuel Cars by 2040
Bloomberg-13 hours ago
The global shift toward electric vehicles will create upheaval across a
number of sectors, from oil majors harmed by reduced gasoline demand to
spark plug and ...

New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned in UK from 2040 - but ...
ITV News-13 hours ago
Many manufacturers have accelerated their testing and increased investment
in all-electric or hybrid vehicles as the industry makes the long-term move
away ...

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