As some of you know I work for a small Quick Charge company.  We have stations 
from Stockton to San Diego.  Someone got into the Gorman box and reeked havoc.  
They looked at our software, changed wire positions & the most destructive and 
elusive causing a one month down time was loosening a power line to the 
internal circuit breaker.  This caused heating and some deformation to the 
circuit breaker including not being able to use that circuit breaker again.(we 
couldn't get the wire connector to tighten)  We finally just replaced the whole 
unit taking the vandalized unit back for repair under better conditions.  We 
have video surveillance on all our boxes now.  This didn't quite cause as much 
problems for people going South as it is a free ride to other Level III in 
Castaic which is down hill.  However going north one can just make it to 
Bakersfield(from Castaic) but not Lost Hills. For Lost Hills and I5 Level III 
going North Gorman is mandatory.(This is for 1st generation EV's with 80ish 
miles range)   Our whole system is now up and if you are traveling I5 South or 
North no down stations but as always check Plugshare before venturing out.  
Sincerely, Lawrence Rhodes
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