EVLN: (GM noise) Buick e-SUV w/ Bolt EV drivetrain(?) > e-Deuce& 1/4
All-electric Buick small SUV to be based on Bolt EV: report
The Chevrolet Bolt EV, initially intended to be adapted from the
next-generation Chevy Sonic subcompact, ended up with unique underpinnings
designed solely ...
EVLN: Mo's Tesla-X Render You’ve Always Dreamed Of> Dakar Rally duty ready
This Lifted Tesla Model X Render Is The Uber Electric SUV You've ...
(Maybe) ... During our email exchange, Mo Aoun confirmed his dream is to ...
EVLN: Li-ion cells from waste-stream glass bottles> Silicon dioxide
nanoparticle anodes
Making batteries from waste glass bottles ... excellent electrochemical
performance with a capacity of ~1420 mAh/g at C/2 rate after 400 cycles ...

Wakker's nl-2-au EV road trip is still touring Myanmar promoting
sustainability r:200km
Plugged in, charged up, ready to roam
A passionate convert to the cause of environmental sustainability has driven
through Myanmar in an electric car on a journey that will take him across
three ...
Smog and mirrors> VW public EVSE for the underserved-poor, snubs h2
EV charging network gets $800 million spark from VW
SACRAMENTO >> In a decision with lasting implications for the growth of
electric vehicles, state regulators on Thursday approved Volkswagen's plan
to invest ...
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