EVLN: 1,078km(668mi) EV-range record on a single Tesla-S P100D charge
Tesla Model S drives 1000km on single charge
The Tesla Owners Club Italia has set a new record for electric car range ...
first time a production electric vehicle has broken the 1,000km mark on one
charge ...
EVLN: Game of Thrones' uses a shadow tracker EV during breathtaking action
shots (v)
Game of Thrones reveals how they created the 'loot train attack' scene 
(spoiler alert)
“We've got three different tracking vehicles for different purposes on this
...  we've got an electric vehicle called a shadow tracker and then a suped
up dune ... a suped up pick up truck with really good suspension for our
Dothraki charges ...
EVLN: Tesla Semi Electric truck unveil next month> NV-2-CA auton platooning
Tesla is set to unveil its all-electric truck, known as Tesla Semi, next
month ... prototypes for platooning and self-driving in Nevada and
California. The company needs approval to test autonomous driving vehicles
and ...

Tesla3-naysayers proven utterly wrong& forever labeled as "full of it" (v)
Tesla Model 3 Naysayers Slammed — Old Quotes
“The danger there is if Tesla cannot make this work, the whole
electric-vehicle sector will be set back a lot. “But it could change the way
we buy cars, we use cars ...
(Silly writers need to use> OpConnect EVSE stymies& confuses
Oops! EV technology showcase fizzles. Or is it the user's fault?
Maybe a little humor with this one after hearing all the auto writer EV
angst at Traverse City. ... Having a corporate-owned plug in electric
vehicle at an high-level ...
EV rentals> Car&Driver is spreading mis-information
 ... Still Aren't Renting Electric Cars ... No One Wants To Rent An Electric
Car ... When it comes to car rentals, people still seem uninterested in
electrification ...
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