EVLN: 2nd Life for 54kWh Tesla Roadster Pack as a 200mi DIY e-Porsche 911 EV
Electric cars: Watch Tesla Model S easily smokes Ferrari 458 in electrifying
street ... Broadway – that was the fastest unmodified road legal vehicle at ...
EVLN: Tesla-S EV easily smokes& annihilates Ferrari 458 ice& steals the show
| TC-X (v)
The latest episode of Fully Charged was all about an electric Porsche 911
...  a complete restoration and conversion project made by Electric Classic
Cars ...
EVLN: Infiniti Prototype9 e-racer> whimsical 1930s retro-styled incongruous
next-gen Leaf EV mashup
Exclusive First Look: Infiniti Prototype 9
Get the story on the intriguing Infiniti Prototype 9 in this exclusive First
Look feature ... Infiniti has turned that thought … (grand prix racer, one
of the original Silver Arrows)

Deirdre sez a new (not cheap) breed of EVs can certainly go the distance
Deirdre Reynolds with the Renault Zoe at the South Lotts Road EV charge ...
was clamped by Dublin City Council while charging their electric vehicle
last week ...
10,450+ Texas EV owners ask for an EVSE infrastructure to support them (v)
More than 10000 electric cars are on Texas roads, and owners are asking
whether there is an infrastructure to support them ... Last year’s NDEW
event in North Texas was the largest one outside of California, bringing
more than 120 electric vehicles to one location ...
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