EVLN: 6000 are reservation-interested in boxy Bollinger B1 Electric Truck
Bollinger B1 Electric Truck Gets 6,000 Hand-Raisers In Two Weeks ... A lot
of people think a boxy, all-electric truck/Jeep-type vehicle would be a good
car to ...
EVLN: Tesla Patents 'Pyrotechnic disconnect' Device to Improve Battery
A disconnect isn't limited to just EV batteries, as it can also be used in
stationary storage for electric energy. Tesla's system allows an electrical
system to be ...
EVLN: Better rechargeable alkaline batteries for power Electric cars?
Alkaline batteries have been a staple energy source for decades, but their
potential has been capped by their chemical properties. Notably, alkaline
batteries ...

Another for fun-n-profit$> (deal w/ at your peril)
The Bewildering Story Of How Karma Funded A 'Spy Car' To ... Steal A
Startup's Tech
(PowerSource_TOM's IP stolen& incorporated into pih) ...
Free dual L2 EVSE installed w/ 4hr limit in Binghamton-NY (v)
The City of Binghamton is supporting the growth of electric vehicle use by
adding another place where drivers can charge up. The city has ...
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