EVLN: Just how big of a pain in the Bolt is no home EVSE?> (public L3 makes
it not bad)
My week with the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV gave me a sunnier view of electric cars
I've been driving the 2017 Bolt EV for the last week, and I'm really struck
by how close we are to making electric vehicles a viable option for more
drivers ...
EVLN: 2018 Leaf EV Specs Leaked> full reveal slated for September 5th (v)
The 2018 Nissan Leaf EV is slated to be released only a month or so from
now, so it's a bit surprising that exact specs have remained a mystery ...
Correspondingly, the power of the electric motor has been boosted nicely ...
EVLN: double-decker e-bus trial r:150mi
Representatives from City of York Council, First York and local bus
manufacturer, Optare welcomed the arrival of the first "Metrodecker EV" in
York today, which ...

~75 US$150k Electric Buses burned @Crab Island amusement park (v)
Revisiting The Scene Of The May 1st Beijing Electric Bus Charging Station
On the early afternoon there was a huge fire at a electric-bus charging
station at the Crab Island amusement park in Beijing. At least 55 buses
burned ... another 20 buses ...
Siemens overhead e-semi truck charging wires on the
Electric autobahn: Siemens to debut on-the-go truck charging ...
A stretch of autobahn in the German state of Hesse will soon be home to an
electric vehicle charging project that engineering giant Siemens hopes could
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