EVLN: Norway is on a tear to replace its ice with plugins> (@a 34x greater
rate than U.S.)
Norway is On its Way To Becoming A ‘Fully Electric’ Society
While Norway is on a tear to replace its petroleum-powered cars with the
electric variety, it may also become the world’s first society to completely
electrify …
EVLN: Italian drivers choose Leaf EV as the most popular Taxi
Taxi drivers choose Nissan LEAF in Italy ... Nissan LEAF is now the most
popular EV taxi in Florence after 67 taxi owners ...
EVLN: Ryder exclusive Chanje EV sales channel partner& service
As part of their future technology … Ryder System will become the exclusive
sales channel partner and service provider for Chanje, a new California
based medium-duty electric vehicle and energy services company ...

EVent: Plugins @6th annual Silent joy Cruise in Bloomfield_Hills-MI
They munched at food trucks in a motel parking lot and mingled with other
electric car owners, comparing experiences like mileage on a single charge
(238 seemed about average in overheard conversations). “This is our sixth
Silent Cruise — There were no rumbling exhaust pipes or roaring engines …
Utility Tata Power Installs Electric Vehicle Charging In
Tata Power has taken this initiative of providing charging stations along
with Mass-Tech Controls ... Tata Power has installed their first electric
vehicle charging station at Tata Power Receiving Station ...
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