EVLN: Romeo-Power's gritty top-engineers from Tesla,SpaceX,Apple,Samsung
crank li-ion
A New Battery Rival Packed With Ex-Employees
... stealthy Romeo Power, nestled in a gritty industrial corner of Los
Angeles, quietly started shipping ... a few months ago& can deliver packs
with up to double the range ... to supply a vast and varied customer base
... (delivering lighter, faster, better packs) ...
EVLN: Corvette EVs would be expen$ive to buy, a big chunk of change& a
rich-collector's toy
Electric Corvette: Why it’s a Good Idea
On top of that, the N10 EP9 set the electric car record at the Nurburgring
in May. The reality is the NIO Ep9 is set to have only 10 units made, and
the Rimac …
EVLN: GM Should Bring Its Baojun-E100 Cheapest EV To USA
GM Should Bring Baojun E100 Cheapest EV To USA and Sell For $5,000 ... like
Baojun e100 if brought to US need to pass safety regulations and crash tests
EVLN: auton e-buses to Dallas-Cowboys/Oakland-Raiders 8/26 game
City ready to launch autonomous vehicles at Cowboys game Aug. 26
... before and after major events ... rides will be free of charge for the
12 riders in each ... self-driving electric vehicles ... parking spots
to/from games ...

Utility will install 12 L3 DC EVSE across Nova province
Electric charging network for vehicles expanding province wide
This is the electric vehicle charging station outside ... EV-friendly L2 for
Just-Us! customers, while managing any impact to the electrical grid ...
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