EVLN: DIY 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS EV conversion (v)
DIY Electric Ferrari 308 is the Best Car Ever (w/ Video)
This Ferrari 308 is a plug in, fully electric car with a manual
transmission. ... The '78 Ferrari 308's engine bay caught fire a few years
ago, effectively destroying ...
EVLN: DIY blisteringly fast True Cousins TC-X Makes a Tesla P100D look like
a golf cart
This Home-Built Drag Car Is The Quickest EV In The World
True Cousins, a drag racing team from Denmark, has just built a car that can
blow the Model S away … The TC-X just set a National Electric Drag Racing
Association (NEDRA) ...
EVLN: INR50k/$380 Onkar's DIY 200kg/441lb ultralight-nEV r:150km/93mi
Nagpur teenager builds eco-friendly electric car out of scrap
I got the idea of developing this car," said Talmale. He has named this car,
which took him about a month to develop, 'Hirkani' ... Using the pocket
money of Rs50,000 that he had saved over the years, Talmale made an electric
car and even drove it 304km to Amravati& back ...

Sudden middle-of-the-road strandings of early-Bolt EVs during low SOC
Early Chevrolet Bolts May Be At Risk Of Sudden Loss Of Propulsion
General Motors is taking precaution and has begun alerting customers who
purchased early-production Chevrolet Bolts that they may experience sudden
loss of ...
A Tesla-S EV was wasted on Remmel who would not Super/L3
DC charge
Tesla pulls up short in Germany test run
Recently, however, one of Germany's strongest EV proponents decided to ditch
... most populous state, wanted to test the feasibility of an electric
vehicle for his ...
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