EVLN: 20' Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 EV r:200mi limited-ts:155mph 0-60mph:4s
But underneath all the refined, luxurious looks the Mercedes-Maybach is
packed with the latest electric vehicle tech. The all-wheel drive electric
drivetrain uses ...  20 feet of electric drop-top luxury ...
EVLN: "Ads? We don't need no stinkin' ads!"> A 1.5hr wait for a really-good
$0 In Tesla Advertising = 455,000 Model 3 Reservations ...
Have you ever wondered why you haven't seen a glitzy TV commercial for
Tesla's new Model 3? According to Advertising Age*, “Tesla still ...
EVLN: The Long& Short of the Chevy Spark EV "compliance car" r:82mi
Chevy Spark: The EV that GM left behind when it made the Bolt
The Chevrolet Bolt is the first electric car with over 200 miles of range.
This is a huge accomplishment for GM and it establishes its commitment to
the EV market ...

Misleading/inaccurate> EV-charging doesn't stop making
Factcheck: Misleading headlines about electric car charging while ...
Since the UK government announced plans to ban ice sales from 2040, the
shift to electric cars has attracted a lot of negative media coverage ... Council installing 5 new “smart pole” EVSE throughout the area
Blacktown Council is leading the way in Sydney as electric cars gain in
popularity, by moving to sign a $30,000 deal with infrastructure group
Uncontrolled downhill Tesla crashed& ignited elderly couple's garage> home
red tagged4 8mo
Tesla Crashes Into Lake Forest Home, Igniting Fire
 ...  elderly couple ready to eat dinner when the car crashed through her
home ... Tesla slams into Lake Forest garage, severely damaging it and ...
Fire extending into attic ...... home is now red tagged ...   "It was an
all-electric vehicle and that presented some challenges" ...
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