EVLN: EV Pack Wars> a global race to secure a supply of low-cost li-ion
Battery Arms Race Heats Up, Tesla Gigafactory To Face Stiff Competition
... Tesla is obviously leading ... Daimler has already broken ground on a
Gigafactory in Germany ... The Chinese are racing to overtake ...
EVLN: LG Electronics is building an EV packs& parts plant in Detroit-MI>
(300 U.S. Jobs)
LG will build electric car parts in Detroit
LG might not build its own cars, but its vehicle components division
supplies many ... That's an understatement: It builds the battery cells and
pack, electric motor ...
EVLN: Twizy EV based DELIVER-E Electric courier/delivery vehicle (v)
DELIVER-E: revolutionary electric delivery vehicle tech prototyped
A technology demonstrator for a new type of electric delivery vehicle –
which could make the courier industry greener and more efficient ...

Saving Private Rhodium ... (Plugins will change demand for noble precious
 ... miners and analysts believe that fuel cell cars will spur or at least
support the demand for platinum and palladium ... (existing use is in ice'
catalytic converters) ...
Park_City-PA adds solar powered EVSE station
August 25, 2017  Park City adds solar powered car-charging station ... The
first publicly available, solar-powered electric car charger in Pennsylvania
awaits its debut at Park City ...
EVs @Concours d’Lemons(LeMons)> (Zap Xebra, GEM, Citi-car spoof d'Elegance)
Celebrating what humans can build when their imaginations run awry,
engineering skills falter, and budgets dry up ... At the ninth annual
Concours d'Lemons, 160 cars of varying levels of ... (Concours d’Lemons is
all about spoofing the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance) ...
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