EVLN: Tata secretly tests an Electric version of Nano in
With the new Nano, Tata Motors is also joining the race for electric
vehicles (EVs) with global players such as Elon Musk's Tesla. In India, the
electric Nano will ...
EVLN: Royal Mail trials large arrival package transport EVs in
this month
Royal Mail is trialling nine British-made fully electric commercial vehicles
... transporting packages between mail and distribution centres in the
capital ... “Royal Mail is delighted to be collaborating with Arrival and
pioneering the adoption of large electric commercial vehicles. We will be
putting them through their paces ...
EVLN: Dannar MPS/Off-Road EV w/ i3 packs, charger/inverter, CAT/Bobcat
attachments (v)
BMW i3 Batteries to Power First-Ever Electric Off-Road Vehicle by DANNAR ...
the revolutionary, heavy-duty electric vehicle for infrastructure
maintenance ...

Hidden Ford Engr is wasted auton-delivering Domino's pizzas> ?Where's Ford'$
Ford and Dominos team up to test driverless pizza delivery
... the Domino's pizza you order might show up in a Ford car that drives
itself ... 
(neighbors that know your tel# could abscond/steal& scarf your pizza) ...
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