A Tesla Model 3 is going around the country – now in Louisiana
Aug. 25th 2017  Fred Lambert


We are just a month in the Tesla Model 3 production ramp and vehicles being
delivered are still only for a few lucky Tesla employees and insiders,
mainly in California and especially in the [SF-CA] Bay Area.

But now Tesla started bringing the Model 3 around to its other locations in
the US and one vehicle has even been spotted as far as Louisiana.

The Model 3 in question, VIN #301, is apparently being toured around Tesla
stores and service locations.

Tesla has been promising test drives to reservation holders and therefore, a
fleet is expected to reach more locations in the US, but in the meantime,
employees still have the priority for reservations.

Not all of them (Tesla has now over 33,000 employees) had the chance to test
drive or even see the vehicle in person yet and therefore, they could use
some experience with this engineering car going around the country.

Service and body shop employees also need to familiarize themselves with the
new vehicle before customers start taking delivery later this year.

The Model 3 VIN #301 was spotted in Texas earlier this week, but it has
already made its way to Monroe, Louisiana, where John Biscevic spotted it.
He agreed to share a few great shots of the vehicle with us:

We wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing the vehicle make its way east – so
stay on the look out and you might get the chance to be among the first to
see the brand new all-electric vehicle in your region.

As we previously reported, Tesla is focusing the early production Model 3 to
the higher-end version of the car with the premium package and long range
battery pack. The company expects to only deliver around 1,500 units between
July and September.

October is expected to be when Tesla starts to more significantly ramp up
deliveries and open access to regular customers.

In November, Tesla plans to start production of the less expensive standard
battery pack: you can read our recent exclusive report on Tesla’s Model 3
battery pack.

Deliveries outside of the US and production of the dual motor
all-wheel-drive version of the Model 3 are expected to start later in 2018.

Stay tuned to Electrek as we try to track the progression of the production
ramp as closely as possible. Things should start to get more interesting in
the next month or so.

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