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   Eva and the rest of our hard working land speed team posted the top mph (244 mph) for the BMST event  at Bonneville yesterday.

    _Wicked_ heat (0ver 100 F) on the salt took its toll on the vehicle and on the team.

    Read all about it on:



--- Top time of the meet!!! 244.122 mph/392.8 km/h 😀 ---
We took the "top time of the meet" at Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials! Yay! Of the 150+ entrants, our run at 244.122 mph (392.8 km/h) was the fastest of them all! Can you believe that a battery powered motorcycle was faster than all the internal combustion entrants?! 😉 The future is definitely here!

I can't thank my awesome crew enough for doing their very best in the insane heat (100 deg F/37 deg C) and blasting sun every day! We didn't quite get to a new record because of the heat, but we learned a lot and we will go home and make new plans. Our overall goal is still to build the world's fastest motorcycle, period. Expect more details over the coming months.

Thank you (from left to right in the photo on facebook):
Frank John, Sam Elliott, Amy Elliott, Mike Stockert, Alicia Kelly, Koen Matthys, Bill Dube, Kent Singleton, Bill Clapp, Kevin Smith (not in picture), Katie Collins (not in picture), Steve Ciciora (not in picture), and Rae Ciciora (not in picture). Thank you also to the visiting photographers Orjan Ellingvag and Vegard Aase.




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