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Hey Bruce, Seems to be back to normal.<

No, its still messed up, I just added the daily summaries. As posted, I have
reduced the number of individual posts, but now I added the summary (its
like 2 steps back and 1 step forward).

No one has complained (so far), but I work hard to be sensitive to my daily
use of evdl members' bandwidth (the evdl is not for brucedp's own use by
dominating with too many posts).

But until our sysop resolves the changes to the nabble archive, I will use
the method I used last night (post EVLN item I hope people will use the
most, and hold back those that get read the least).

It was suggested that I combine news items into one big newswire post, but
that has not worked out in the past, as readers have shown they like the
ability to pick-n-choose what they want.

Posting the summary may not seem necessary to some, if I am already posting
the individual items. But there are those that use my work to disseminate
news items they feel a forum they participate on would want to know (i.e.:
the short blurb about Smart EVs, re-posted on the smart forum, etc.).

To back this belief, look at
 at the number of views. If people are only using my free work (since 1990)
by reading an individual post in their intray, then there would be no need
for them to access that EVLN post on the evdl's nabble archive. But people
are sharing/disseminating EV-news. This is a very good thing, and I am glad
it is being done. Not that it is an ego stoke for me, but the whole
purpose/the reason I kill-myself to find, clean-up, and get this out, is for
people to use to get the EV word out (think of it as lots of people
contributing like open-source = a lot gets done).

I am hoping this nabble issue gets resolved, and I do not have to find a new
archive to stash my EVLN posts. Our sysop made a great effort to allow me to
post to a separate EVLN sub-folder just so regular evdl posts are not
cluttered up/over-whelmed with all my stuff.

Well, since I am using bandwidth to make this post, I might as well also use
it for other purposes (as was suggested - the following has  ot  topics).

*Note: In a week, I will be flying out, arriving in Austin, TX,
reconnoitering a couple of hours north for a few days (check out the area),
and come to stay for my last few days south again in San Antonio.

For those with lives that are quite busy, the largest hurricane to blast
Houston in 12 years (it made quite a katrina-like mess
 As I type, flood waters are receding, people are putting their lives back
together, etc.

I am hoping locals will come out to the 9/16 San Antonio NDEW EVent 
 Then I will poke around SA until mid-week when I leave to return home out
of Austin.

I mention this as I am hoping there won't be an EVLN posting disruption, but
this old body gets tired a whole lot quicker than it used to, so we will
have to see how it goes.

Since I am not posting the least read items, I will use this combined post
opportunity to clump in said items to his post. First, it one that is mostly
ot, but only has an honorable mention of EVs in it. But it points out that
those wackadoodle Californians are going to what some outsiders mind seem
like as an extreme: an ordinance to force drivers to turn off their ice when
not in use.

Outsiders have to understand, Palo Alto is the more affluent part of
northern Silicon Valley (many of their elite live and work there = Very
Expen$ive). Besides their high stress super money making deals (facebook,
google, yahoo, and many others live here), there are some that would say
that area also has its fair share of extreme save-the-earth types that want
to return the bay's salt ponds back to nature 
(which will be a haven for more west-Nile-virus mosquitoes, skunks, mash
rats, and other vermin/pests).

They also want the mountains to return to be a haven for the wild life
(mountain lions, coyote, etc.). while at the same time, parent's sightings
of in Palo Alto neighborhoods of mountain lions, etc. 
 causes a concern/uproar of pets and kids being consumed (wacka poodle

So, while we have heard of some countries' planned ban of ice sales in the
future, this turn off your ice, is another step to reduce pollution, that
other regions may dislike.

Palo Alto bans idling of vehicle engines
Construction vehicles, tech shuttle buses and even Mark Zuckerberg's private
security detail must stop their idling. The Palo Alto City Council ...
Exemptions include public safety vehicles during emergencies, public works
vehicles under certain city rules and electric vehicles because they don't
emit ...

Palo Alto bans idling of vehicle engines
August 31, 2017

Construction vehicles, tech shuttle buses and even [Facebook’s paranoid CEO]
Mark Zuckerberg’s private security detail must stop their idling.

The Palo Alto City Council voted 8-0 Monday night to approve an ordinance
that bans running engines more than two or three minutes after a vehicle is
parked or queued ...

Monday was a Spare the Air day with “obvious particulate matter visible” in
the hills.

A number of supporters at the meeting, including high school students who
are youth leaders with the Sierra Club, urged the council to be a pioneer in
the anti-idling movement. The nearby cities of Los Gatos, Los Altos and
Saratoga are considering similar bans. Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and Ann
Arbor, Michigan, have already adopted ordinances ...

Facebook’s CEO was also implicated in June when members of the Crescent Park
Neighborhood Association asked his private security officers to stop idling
their vehicles. Zuckerberg has security outside his home 24 hours a day, and
residents later said the officers appeared to have stopped the idling
practice ...
[© 2017 Digital First Media]

Collingwood.ca Tim Hortons installs vehicle charging station
Aug 25, 2017  Jan Trude, owner of Tim Hortons in Collingwood, shows off the
new electric vehicle charging station, which is expected to be ready for use
next week ...

Saugerties to install electric car charging station at ice arena
2017/08/27  Within weeks, the town of Saugerties-NY expects to install an
electric-car charging station at the Kiwanis Ice Arena. At their August 16
meeting, the town board …

Why Are Electric Cars and Public Charging Like Hot Dogs and Buns?
August 28, 2017  Despite the world being full of technological advancement,
we still have ways to improve. Electric cars, as an example, are nowhere as
easy to charge as taking ...
(Don't really need a one-to-one ratio of EVs to EVSE stations)

Renault uses EV batteries to charge EVs at highway rest stops
August 29, 2017   Back in June, Renault partnered with UK company Powervault
to reuse batteries from electric vehicles in energy storage systems for the
home ...

Sundog Solar Installs a Free Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Searsport,
Aug. 28, 2017 Sundog Solar Installs a Free2use L2 EVSE Station in
To further the clean transportation movement, Sundog Solar installed a free
EVSE ...

Charging while shopping: Hawaiian Electric adds EV charging station near
Aug 29, 2017  Electric vehicle owners heading to Costco in Iwilei will soon
be able to shop and charge their cars car at the same time. Hawaiian
Electric Co. is expanding its ...

Electric vehicle chargers add to tech of medical college at Chaffee ...
Aug 30, 2017  Eight electric vehicle charging stations were recently
installed at the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education in Fort Smith's
Chaffee Crossing. The stations were ...

‘Wackadoodle’ Makes It To The Oxford English Dictionary
toughiq Apr 28, 2009
The Big Bang Theory: Penny calls Sheldon a "whack-a-doodle"

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